FAQs: Legalization of Documents

Q: How do I get my diploma, university degree, transcript, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license, police records, police report, personal power of attorney certified and attested?
A:If the document(s) is issued to you by a US government entity or a US institution, you must first have it authenticated by the US Department of State Office of Authentication in Washington, DC. Please review the US Department of State requirements for authentication. These include:

  • Attest and certify the document(s) with a notary (notary public or notary at a local court).
  • Have the document(s) legalized at the local Secretary of State office. Check the list of Secretaries of State and links to the websites to find one in your area.

For any questions about the above, please contact the US Department of State.

Once you have received your authenticated document(s) from the US Department of State, bring or mail the document(s) to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates with a money order for the appropriate amount ($45.00 for each certificate) payable to UAE Embassy and a pre-paid return FedEx or express mail envelope. The mailing address of the UAE Embassy is:

Attn: Certification Office
3522 International Court, NW, Suite # 400
Washington. DC 20008

The Embassy does not provide recommendations for couriers. To find one in your area, please check the local phone book or search online.

If your document(s) is issued to you by:

Q: Can the Embassy recommend a service company that will help me legalize my document(s)?
A:No. The UAE Embassy does not give referrals or bear responsibilities for outside document service companies.

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