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Art in its various forms – whether through poetry, calligraphy or dance - has long played an important role in UAE culture. In just over two decades - starting with the first full-length Emirati film in the late 1980s - the UAE has cultivated a burgeoning film industry. Home to award winning Emirati films like City of Life and Sea Shadow, the UAE is quickly becoming recognized for its local talent and creative edge. From hosting internationally recognized film festivals like the Dubai International Film Festival to co-producing international blockbusters like Contagion and Academy Award winning films like The Help, UAE production companies have quickly established themselves in the film industry. 

• Along with state-of-the-art production facilities and breathtaking landscapes for film scenes, the UAE has created several commissions, including Abu Dhabi Film Commission and Dubai Film & TV Commission, to assist foreign film makers in producing their projects in the UAE. 

• Film production and content creation is supported through partnerships with international companies and media zones, including Dubai Studio City and Abu Dhabi-based Twofour54

• UAE companies partner with international media companies, including National Geographic and Hyde Park Entertainment, to develop world-class film and media infrastructure rivaling the world's best studios.  

• The UAE is also a center where filmmakers can showcase their work at internationally recognized film festivals, including Dubai International Film Festival and Abu Dhabi International Film Festival.

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