“The relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the United States has been positive and productive for more than 30 years. In the past decade alone, we have witnessed an exponential growth in our military, security, economic, and cultural relations.”

Yousef Al Otaiba
UAE Ambassador to the US

"The United States and the UAE enjoy a vibrant and expanding bilateral relationship, including strong defense cooperation and economic ties, and a shared commitment to advancing peace, economic opportunity, and stability throughout the world."

White House Statement
April 2013

"(Dubai) a city that speaks to what’s possible when people of vision and imagination can pursue their dreams."

Barack Obama
President, United States of America

"I have to say the United Arab Emirates, for example, is our most credible and capable allies, especially in the Gulf region."

General Martin Dempsey
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“The UAE’s many contributions today and close military ties over many years marks this partner among our strongest friends…. Building partner capacity is the long-term solution to reduce costs on the U.S. and to defend our interests in a fiscally constrained environment. The result is competent partners – technically and tactically capable of taking lead on issues of mutual interest – having as much at stake as we do. Years of nurturing our military-to-military relationship with the United Arab Emirates contributed to the mutual trust and interoperability necessary for their support of Libyan operations.

General James Mattis
Commander, US Central Command

“The UAE has taken a critical leadership role in providing key financial, political, and security support in our shared effort to achieve a safe and free Afghanistan. I look forward to working with … the government of the UAE to continue building on the foundation of the robust and strategic relationship of our two great countries.”

Senator Marco Rubio
United States Senate

"(The) UAE plays a constructive role in this very volatile region and its stance against the Iranian nuclear program has been helpful in our efforts to stop this growing threat.”

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Chairman, House Foreign Relations Committee

“We have to continue working together to defeat extremist ideology, blunt the spread of radicalization, and slow the flow of recruits to terrorist networks. The UAE took an important step when it announced it would host the first-ever international center developed to combat extremism and develop those best practices that will do so.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Former US Secretary of State

“On the supply side, we are urging all oil producing countries to open oil markets to foreign investment, which would support faster and more efficient growth. The UAE is a case in point. As an important first step, Abu Dhabi is financing massive investments in upstream production and domestic refining capacity through partnerships with foreign companies. More liberalization along these lines would benefit all oil producing countries. In the case of the UAE, the United States is benefitting too; U.S. suppliers of oil and gas field equipment and services are 45 percent of the UAE's total imports.”

Henry Paulson
Former US Treasury Secretary

“It's a modern society that's using its wealth not only to educate its people, but to stay on the leading edge of technological change. I don't think most Americans understand the UAE. And I don't think most Americans understand that your education systems are modern and that you're thinking about the future in constructive ways. I hope that my visit shines a spotlight on the Middle East, the opportunities to work constructively with our friends and allies, and shows people the truth about what life is like here in the UAE. This is a remarkable place. Its architecture is beautiful. But the can-do spirit is amazing.”

George W. Bush
Former US President

“By confronting the challenge of breast cancer together, the United States-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness will help build lasting friendships between our countries. Most important, this partnership will give women hope, by teaching them about the things they can do to protect themselves from breast cancer.”

Laura Bush
Former US First Lady

“Let me commend you on the Masdar Initiative, which clearly demonstrates Abu Dhabi’s leadership role in the area of alternative energy. Through its graduate-level academic programs - and here I must mention its partnership with my alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - as well as its research network and its $250-million clean-tech private equity fund, Masdar demonstrates the type of innovative, comprehensive solutions that are needed.”

Samuel Bodman
Former US Secretary of Energy

“The UAE, both as a key GCC member and as a party in the Arab Peace Initiative, has contributed to bringing peace and stability to the region.”

Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations

“There is a need to have this continuous cooperation with the UAE, the leader in the development of trade infrastructure, in order to enhance the exchange of knowledge and information.”

Hon. Michael Corbin
US Ambassador to the UAE

“As longstanding commercial and economic partners, the United Arab Emirates and the United States continue to engage in activities that foster mutual growth and sustained progress.”

Sheikha Lubna bint Khaled Al Qasimi
UAE Minister of State for Tolerance, Former UAE Minister of International Cooperation and Development

"There has been such a huge amount of attention on other developing markets such as China and India recently, that Abu Dhabi has sometimes been overlooked. Thanks to the vision of its Government and favorable business attitudes in the Emirate, Abu Dhabi is expanding just as rapidly, but with more long-term sustainability."

Todd Buchholz
Former White House policy advisor and world renowned economist

“(The) UAE has taken its success and been willing to invest in new learning, new innovation. It is great to see that that kind of long-term approach is part of how they are taking their success and becoming a hub of people from different regions.”

Bill Gates
Entrepreneur and philanthropist

“The United Arab Emirates is one of the best business platforms in the world … Our trade is booming because the UAE is booming … This country is a testament of what can be accomplished when tolerance, technology and tradition are in harmony.”

Frank Lavin
Former US Under Secretary of Commerce

"[T]he military-to-military relationship with the United Arab Emirates is superb. ... They've got airfields that they allow us to use, and their airspace, their logistics support. They've got a world-class air-to-air training facility that they let us use and cooperate with them in the training of our pilots. In everything that we have asked and work with them on, they have proven to be very, very solid partners."

General Peter Pace
Former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff

“This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the U.S. by helping to improve the security of a friendly country that has been and continues to be an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.”

U.S. Department of Defense's Security Cooperation Agency report notifying Congress of a possible foreign military sale to the UAE
December 2007

“Dubai has become a center for Middle East capitalism, and most people interested in the Middle East are having offices there.”

David Rubenstein
Co-founder of the Carlyle Group

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