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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington DC

U.S Diplomatic & Official Visas

Requirements for U.S Diplomatic and Official Visas

To apply for a Diplomatic visa, you must provide the following:


Two (2) completed application forms.  All application forms must be typed.

  • The Particulars of Sponsor / Host in the UAE (e.g., U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, U.S. Consulate in Dubai, etc.)
  • Residence Address in UAE (e.g., Hotel, Family or friend’s house, etc.).
2 Original passport signed by the bearer, should not expire within three (3) months from the expected time of arrival in the UAE.
3 A copy of your passport and a copy of the application.(Please print in Color)
4 Two (2) original passport-sized photos.

An original letter from one of the following concerned U.S. Departments (e.g., Dept. of State, Dept. of the Army, Dept. of the Navy, etc.) The letter must include:

  • Your position ( e.g., Colonel, Engineer, etc.)  and the purpose of your visit.
  • Name and phone number of your point of contact in the UAE and confirm your sponsor during your stay in the UAE.
6If you are sending the visa application through the mail please include a prepaid, self-addressed envelope with a tracking number (e.g., US Express mail, UPS, or FedEx, etc.).


  • Visas require prior approval from the UAE authorities and the Embassy requires a minimum of three (3) business days to issue  the visa.
  • This application will result in a multiple-entry visa, valid for five (5) years, with a maximum of stay of (180) days in the UAE each time, but if the applicant is assigned to work in the U.A.E  for a long period, a single entry visa will be issued, valid for Two months, with maximum of stay one month in the UAE during which the US Embassy in UAE will Complete the process of  issuing the work permit to stay in the UAE.

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