Tips for Foreign Investors

Foreign companies face similar challenges when trying to do business in the UAE.

Tips for Foreign Investors

Common mistakes that foreign companies make include:

  • Underestimating time: establishing a business in the UAE takes more time than in most Western countries
  • Patience is key, from the time of corporate formation to the expense burn period before turning profits
  • Miscalculating the expense needed to launch properly
  • Plan a longer launch period
  • Hiring “experts” based in the US
  • It is recommended to hire UAE business development consulting firms.
  • In the UAE, regulations are undergoing significant changes to further strengthen the country’s competitive edge. Local support can be invaluable in navigating this environment
  • Assuming that free zones are by default the best option
  • Depending on a company’s sector and priorities, establishing an onshore company might be a better option
  • Launching with too big an overhead, instead of in phases
  • Mispricing products/services

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