UAE USA United

The alliance between the United Arab Emirates and the United States has been built and nurtured over the course of more than 50 years. With shared interests and common values, the UAE and US work together to promote regional security, create economic prosperity and address pressing global challenges. 

Instituted by the UAE Embassy, the UAE USA United campaign celebrates the shared achievements of the bilateral relationship. Aligned on a common outlook for a prosperous future, the countries have worked together to address pressing international issues including climate action, public health, and preserving security and stability. 

Together, the UAE and the US are “united for a better future.”

Biden & MBZ

Partnering for Prosperity

The strong partnership between the UAE and US has also led to cultural, educational and medical exchanges, further promoting connection and collaboration between Emiratis and Americans. To aid the exchange, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba assisted in helping the UAE establish partnerships with prominent US organizations, such as New York University (NYU), the Cleveland Clinic, Children’s National Hospital, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Harvard University. As these partnerships have grown, the Cleveland Clinic and NYU have both established physical locations in the UAE capital. 

50 Years | 50 Faces

In 2021, the UAE Embassy created the 50 Years | 50 Faces storytelling campaign to celebrate the five decades of the countries’ partnership. Exemplifying the depth of friendship and connection between Americans and Emiratis, 50 Years | 50 Faces features personal narratives from people of both countries, ranging from prominent to lesser-known citizens, including anecdotes from Ambassador Al Otaiba.

50 Years | 50 Faces