Lost Passports for UAE Residents

Lost Foreign Passport with a Valid UAE Residency Permit

Those who hold a UAE residency visa, and have had their passports lost/stolen are required to do the following:

  1. Attest a police report (The report must contain the number of the lost passport).
  2. Apply for entry permission to be able to return to UAE.

Entry Permission Requirements

  1. A completed application form.
  2. A copy of the attested police report.
  3. An Arabic translation of the police report from a certified Arabic Translator.
  4. A copy of the old passport.
  5. A copy of the new passport. (The new passport must be a permanent passport valid for at least 5 years. Emergency passports are not accepted)
  6. A copy of the UAE residency permit.
  7. A cover letter to explain what happened and include the departure date from UAE and the expected date of your travel to UAE.
  8. A letter from the sponsor in Arabic that includes their confirmation to issue the entry permission for the applicant to return to resume his work.
  9. A colored photo size (2×2 inches) with white background.
  10. An application fee of $40.84 (money order, payable to the UAE Embassy plus the same separately for attesting the police report). 

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