What’s New in Aerospace: Emirates Mars Mission-Hope Probe


June, 2021

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum hosted HE Sarah Al Amiri and Omran Sharaf on the June 3 episode of their series, “Air and Space Live.” The discussion, which is a part of the museum’s “Stem in 30” program, broadcasted live on Facebook, attracting students, scientists, children, and adults to learn more about the Emirates Mars Mission, and the future of the space program in the UAE.

Al Amiri and Sharaf spoke about how the Mission was more than scientific, and about much more than simply reaching Mars. They explained that the UAE’s investment in space exploration is about a commitment to giving back to humanity and making big change for people back on Earth. Al Amiri and Sharaf emphasized the effect the space industry is already having on children in the UAE and the greater region.

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