The UAE and the F-35: US Officials' Reactions

The US wants to “make sure we are delivering the equipment [the UAE] needs to defend themselves from the... threat of the Islamic Republic” of Iran.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


The UAE and Israel face the common enemy of Iran. We are going to continue enhancing UAE’s defense posture in a way that preserves our security commitments to Israel.

Brian Hook, Former US Special Representative for Iran


Ultimately, under the right circumstances, both the US and Israel would benefit greatly from having a strong ally situated across the Strait of Hormuz from Iran.

David Friedman, Former US Ambassador to Israel


With respect to the F-35 or any military hardware or infrastructure, I keep reminding people that it is important to know that the UAE and US’s military and security relationship is robust and has been there for decades. Since the Gulf War, the United States had sold military aircraft and hardware, F-16s, and others to the UAE.

This is not a new relationship; this is a sophisticated relationship that we have had for decades.” “There’s various discussions about the hardware elements, and aircraft, and other things that are on the table.

Morgan Ortagus, Former Spokesperson, US Department of State