Tauscher affirms administration support of Nuclear Energy Cooperation Agreement

December 10, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC (10 June 2009) - During Representative Ellen Tauscher's confirmation hearing to be Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Rep. Tauscher affirmed her support for the US-UAE Nuclear Energy Cooperation Agreement, saying the agreement will promote regional security.  Below is an excerpt from the hearing.

Hearing of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
10 June 2009
Federal News Service

Question and Answer session following Ms. Tauscher's testimony:


SEN. KERRY: Okay. Also, you've noted the potential advantage of nuclear power and what it might offer, and I don't disagree. I've been busy. I just came back from China and a number of other countries, the Middle East, elsewhere, and nuclear power plants are going up. It's going to be a key part of our energy future, like it or not, whatever the options for the moment. And obviously, there are always non-proliferation concerns.

With that in mind, Senator Lugar and I both supported the US - India agreement for collaboration, peaceful uses of nuclear energy. And you did not, I know, but now we have another agreement which is before the committee for its review, and that's between the United States and the United Arab Emirates. I'd just like to get your quick views on that, and do you think that could provide a model for non-proliferation protections as we go forward?

MS. TAUSCHER: I strongly support the UAE 123 Agreement, Senator, and I urge its support here in the Senate. I think that it is, as you have said, a model agreement. It is not only one that is buttoned up, as we should say, with regards to non-proliferation, but it is also one that I think strengthens the security of the region, and I think that is an important secondary issue. It is important for us to have these agreements as they mature and move forward that we can offer to other countries, and I think that the UAE 123 Agreement is an example of that.

SEN. KERRY: Great.