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UAE and Allies Launch Operation Against ISIL

September 23, 2014

The United Arab Emirates is committed to combating ISIL and Islamic extremism in all of its forms. To that end, the UAE is participating in a multinational mission with the US and other partners to confront ISIL. Since the mission began in mid September, the UAE Air Force has flown dozens of missions against ISIL targets. This military effort is having an impact – putting ISIL on the defensive and degrading the organization’s capacity. In addition to the unified military operation, the UAE is committed to fighting Islamic extremism across all fronts – including working to address and eliminate the other elements that breed terrorism. This includes:

  • Promoting new economic opportunities and strengthening governance and institutions across the Middle East region; 
  • Stopping the recruitment of foreign fighters into extremist organizations, and the flow of these fighters across borders; cutting off the financing that funds extremist organizations; 
  • Acting to protect those who are subject to kidnapping and sexual violence by their captors; 
  • Working together with international partners to undercut the spread of terrorist ideology.


The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi released the following statement:

“The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the UAE Air Force launched its first strikes against ISIL targets last evening. The operation was conducted in coordination with other forces participating in the international effort against the ISIL."


For additional information on the UAE’s commitment to combating Islamic extremists: