Services Industry

The service industry in the UAE encompasses a wide range of sectors, including ICT, Travel and Tourism, Education, Financial Services, Professional Services, Construction, Retail, and Wholesale. Over the past decade, the services sector's share of the UAE's GDP has increased significantly from 46.71% to 58.21%.

The service sector is a major employer in the UAE, with approximately 64% of the workforce engaged in service-related occupations as of 2020. Key sub-sectors within the service industry include international trade, air transport, financial activities, and tourism.

Tourism is a particularly significant contributor to the UAE's service industry, with a substantial impact on the country's GDP. The country is renowned for its world-class tourism offerings, attracting a large number of international visitors.

Overall, the service industry plays a vital role in the UAE's economy, driving growth and providing diverse employment opportunities. The sector's expansion, increasing contribution to GDP, and focus on areas such as tourism highlight its importance as a key pillar of the UAE's economic landscape.

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