Climate & Energy

As a country at the heart of climate impacts and undergoing a major energy transition, the UAE is taking aggressive action to meet the global climate challenge and believes low-carbon investments will support diversification and job creation.

The UAE was the first country in the Middle East to:

  • Sign and ratify the Paris Agreement,
  • Commit to an economy-wide reduction in emissions and
  • Announce an initiative to achieve net zero by 2050.

In July 2023 the UAE updated its third nationally determined contribution (NDC), aiming to curb carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030, up from its previous 31 percent target.

The UAE convened the global community to fight climate change as the host of the 28th UN Climate Conference of the Parties (COP28 UAE) at Dubai Expo City in November 2023. COP28 resulted in the UAE Consensus, a historic agreement to transition away from fossil fuels.

Cooperation with the United States is also central to the UAE’s climate plan The UAE is building solar and wind projects across the US, collaborating with the US to establish Mission Innovation, a partnership to double government clean energy R&D within 5 years, and working together with the US  on implementation of the $50 million UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, which is building solar power plants in 16 countries. And through the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM 4 Climate), the UAE and US are leading a group of 55 countries and 600 global partners to marshal investments in R&D for climate-smart agri-tech.

In addition, the recently announced UAE-US Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy (PACE) will mobilize $100 billion in commercial investment and other financing in addition to deploying 100 new gigawatts of clean energy by 2035.

It’s remarkable to find the UAE trying to lead many other nations in the search of new technology to address the global climate challenge and in transitioning to the new economy while facing this crisis.” - US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry (April 2021)

Issue Brief – The UAE: A Leader and Partner for Climate Action

Learn more about the actions and initiatives the UAE is undertaking to address the climate crisis.

Kerry and MAM at AIM for Climate in DC 2023

Beyond its multilateral commitments, the UAE supports global sustainable developmentThrough direct investments, aid and concessional loans, the UAE has provided dozens of nations with the resources, infrastructure and technology required to adopt more efficient, sustainable sources of energy. The UAE has invested more than $50 billion in renewable energy projects across 70 countries – including 27 island nations – and plans to invest an additional $50 billion over the next decade. 

The UAE is taking climate action at home and with partners around the world

Net 0 Emissions

The UAE and its neighbors in the MENA region are among the most water-stressed nations on earth. Because of climate change, population growth and economic development, the problem of water scarcity is also accelerating in many other parts of the world. A UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs report, “Ripple Effect: Water Scarcity – The hidden threat to global security and prosperity,” highlights the causes, implications, and potential solutions to this growing issue. 

The UAE is launching a multifaceted initiative to boost international cooperation, increase investment and accelerate the pace of innovation aimed at addressing water scarcity. 

Ripple Effect

The UAE is calling on individuals and organizations from all sectors and all parts of the world to work together and accelerate efforts to address this urgent challenge.

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Solar Panels UAE
UAE-US Bilateral Initiatives
Close cooperation with the US is central to the UAE's plans to meet the global climate challenge.
UAE Energy Diversification
The UAE is pursuing alternative means of producing energy while lowering its carbon footprint.
International Engagement
The UAE is a leader and key partner in the international effort to address climate change.