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The UAE's Trade and Investment Landscape – A Gateway to Global Commerce

February 27, 2024

By Saud Al Nowais, UAE Commercial Attaché

Bridging East and West, North and South, the UAE epitomizes connectivity.

The Emirates, home to over 200 nationalities, boasts a strategic location within a six-hour flight from the globe's major metropolises.

The rich blend of cultures and ideas has made the UAE a critical hub for premier international events, conferences and other global convenings that tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Having served as the UAE’s Commercial Attaché to the United States for over 15 years, I've witnessed firsthand the UAE's remarkable transformation into a major inbound hub for trade and investment.

The nation is not just a meeting point but a place where business is conducted with a forward-thinking approach and where partnerships forge mutual growth and prosperity.

A recent UNCTAD report recognized the UAE as the world's second-largest recipient of greenfield FDI in 2023 (second only behind the United States), showcasing an impressive FDI inflow increase of 28% to a record $22.73 billion in 2022.

For those who know the UAE well, these numbers should come as no surprise. Efforts to diversify and strengthen our economy have been in the works for some time.

Where we stand today is the accumulation of decades of careful planning and investment that underscore our determination to become the top destination in the world for global business and investment.

Sometimes, there are so many business-oriented events taking place in the UAE that it’s hard to keep track of them all. To help, the UAE Embassy created a convenient events calendar on its website, which provides updates on international conferences from blockchain to venture capital, and everything in between.

The calendar not only features pivotal events such as Investopia, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, the World Future Energy Summit and GITEX but also includes links to speakers, exhibits, and registration information.

These events and conferences offer better ways of understanding and engaging with the UAE’s trade ecosystem and sustainable economic development.

We invite you to explore the calendar and join us at these landmark events that are shaping the future of trade and investment in the region.

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