Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba Statement on US Review of F-35 Sale to the UAE

January 27, 2021

"Welcoming joint efforts to de-escalate tensions and for renewed regional dialogue, the UAE will work closely with the Biden Administration on a comprehensive approach to Middle East peace and stability. As in previous transitions, the UAE anticipated a review of current policies by the new administration.

Specifically, the F-35 package is much more than selling military hardware to a partner. Like the US, it allows the UAE to maintain a strong deterrent to aggression. In parallel with new dialogue and security cooperation, it helps to reassure regional partners. It also enables the UAE to take on more of the regional burden for collective security, freeing US assets for other global challenges, a long-time bipartisan US priority.

The UAE has always fought alongside the US. And through hundreds of joint missions and participation in six US-led Coalition efforts, we have learned that the key to military coordination is interoperability.  With the same equipment and training, US and UAE forces are more effective together when and where it matters.

For more information on the UAE's commitment to maintaining regional security with the US, visit this page."

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba