The UAE's Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant Doubles Clean Electricity Generation: Statement by Ambassador Al Otaiba

March 24, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC (24 March 2022) – Ambassador Al Otaiba: “The start of commercial operations of Unit 2 is a great achievement for the UAE, which has worked with international partners throughout the past decade to ensure the delivery of safe, clean, reliable and zero-carbon electricity. The UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program is playing a critical role in decarbonizing the power sector while reinforcing energy security and grid resilience. This development is an important step for the UAE in achieving our 2050 net-zero emissions target to tackle climate change."

"A significant milestone in this journey occurred over 10 years ago with the signing of the U.S.-UAE 123 Agreement, the most robust bilateral civil nuclear cooperation agreement in history. Working with both political parties and spanning two administrations, the UAE voluntarily made the strongest possible nonproliferation commitments, forgoing domestic enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear material. The agreement has proven incredibly resilient. It is a powerful affirmation of the UAE’s strong relationship with the U.S. government and our commercial partners.”

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