Contributing to the success and growth of the country

July 15, 2014

Through dedication, determination and skill, Captain Maryam Al Mansoori has rapidly advanced in the UAE Armed Forces and broken new ground, with her recent appointment as the first female Emirati F-16 fighter pilot. In her position, she contributes to the defense of her country and exemplifies how Emirati women make significant contributions in the UAE.

In the UAE, women hold prominent positions in government, defense, business, trade, media, science, health care, computer technology, law, and academia. From physicians to metro operators, to airline pilots to law enforcement, Emirati women are major contributors to the UAE’s rapidly diversifying economy. Over 14,000 businesswomen run 20,000 private companies. Emirati women also hold more than 30 percent of the jobs in banking and finance. 

In addition, more than 65 percent of all UAE public-sector jobs are held by women, one of the highest percentages in the world. Today, nine Emirati women serve on the Federal National Council, comprising 20 percent of the parliamentary body. Women also comprise 20 percent the UAE diplomatic corps, including the recent appointment of the UAE’s first female Ambassador to the United Nations.

The international community has recognized the UAE’s commitment to advancing women’s rights in the region and across the globe. The UAE leads the Middle East and North Africa in female empowerment and gender equality, ranking highest out of the region in the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. Further, the UAE is an active participant in the global dialogue on women’s rights - in 2013, the UAE was elected to serve on the Executive Council of UN Women for a three–year term (2013-2015).