HE Dr. Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

In a Washington Post Op-Ed, H.E. Dr. Anwar Gargash Reaffirms UAE's Commitment to Achieving Peace in Yemen

July 24, 2019

In a recent commentary published by The Washington Post, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash writes that “now is the time to double down on the political process” and achieve peace in Yemen.
Minister Gargash reaffirms the UAE’s strong support for the UN-led mediation effort and the UAE's commitment to delivering humanitarian assistance and maintaining security. 
He also outlines progress that has been made by the Coalition and local Yemeni forces against threats from the Houthis and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and notes that the UAE and Coalition’s latest moves to draw down and redeploy forces improve the chances of making peace.
“The work of securing and repairing Yemen remains unfinished...but [peace] is closer at hand than in four years of war,” writes Dr. Gargash.
Click here to read Dr. Gargash’s commentary, which was published on July 22, 2019.